Lucky Star Concept.jpg

My family and I are long time Burners who have always enjoyed giving back to Burning Man

Through our camp, Magic Hour, part of Mystopia Village, We felt that a large Mutant vehicle can continue that gifting.  Our German Family name, Gluckstern translates into Lucky Star. We are building this galactic cruiser with one idea in mind; that all the gifts The Lucky Star can give are for EVERYONE to enjoy either though sight, sound or just a conveyance to get from place to place.  It has beautiful lines and astounding colorizations that let you see it from a distance, and LEDs and Nebula lights that dazzle and work in concert for the night, plus a state of the art sound system that will beckon you from across the playa to come, listen and dance!  We are also mindful that beyond sight and sound, we need to help our fellow Black Rock citizens in offering rides AT ALL TIMES to ANYONE who needs one.  Our plan is to have our team do a friendly rotation of those aboard and try as much as possible to give participants as long a ride as we can, yet stay within our safety limit of maximum passengers. The Lucky Star will always be available day or night with water or help if needed.  Tired, thirsty, or just need a place to rest?  The Lucky Star is here for you. In the same spirit of gifting, we will also be participating in the Art Tour program and BAIT so that even more people can enjoy this wonderful mobile platform.  This our gift and we feel this is just a small way to pay back what Burning man has done for us.

these burning Man Friendly contractors are working on this project