Lucky Star Lighting Concept

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Lucky Star Lighting Plan

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Construction Design

Lucky Star Frame.jpg

Construction Design

Lucky Star Frame-2.jpg

The Lucky Star base vehicle is a 2019 Hino 195 Cab and Chassis capable of a total load of over 12,000lbs.  We have added an engineered steel tubing frame that goes over the cab to the back at approximately 26 feet and created an upstairs deck of metal sheeted floor. To go up we have stairs with safety handrails.  Additional panels will be fabricated and added onsite to completely obscure the base vehicle with the overall affect being that of a star cruiser or space tour vehicle.  The frame was powder coated to minimize rust.  Utilities such as lights, sound general power outlets will then be added into the walls or in raceways to ensure no trip hazards. This will be tied into a Onan 12.5 kilowatt generator that is low decibel rated.  A custom, state of the art Danley Sound system speakers will be installed to deliver what we feel will be an outstanding sound system.  The speakers will be covered by a base layer light box façade with CNC cutout exteriors to create the unique patterns. Painting of facades will allow the vehicle to "pop out" during the day and make it a true day/night experience.  For nighttime we will use LED lights that are triple wide strip with control hardware. There will be painted mandalas on each side and on the rear to dress the exterior. Small wood and metal accents will be added to provide a finished appearance.  Bench seating and DJ booth to be added to the top deck. Tubing arches on top will work in concert with canvas for shade on top deck and complete accents.